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Three things make Toshiba Corporation unique amongst the world's major computer companies:

  • We have an unusually wide range of skills in areas ranging from power generation to robotics.
  • We make a significant annual commitment to R&D.
  • We have a strong focus on mobile computing technology.

These factors have helped make Toshiba the world's leading Notebook brand.

In fact, we introduced the world's first Notebook in 1985, and we've led the way ever since, with a string of innovations that have since become industry standards. This process is driven by three objectives - to make our Notebooks as powerful, versatile and reliable as possible.

Toshiba Easy Guard

Toshiba EasyGuard™
Four ways to make a better Notebook:

Protect: These EasyGuard™ technologies protect Notebooks from the rough and-tumble of everyday life. The idea? Help stop accidents from turning into disasters.

Connect: Access to a network - any network - is central to usability and functionality. This cluster of utilities helps you connect and stay connected.

Secure: Data loss or theft can be a disaster. These technologies are designed to protect and secure your intellectual property.

Optimise: Everyone's different. This software cluster lets you customise your Notebook's systems and optimise its functions.

Easyguard Features

Protect Easy Fix Components Easy to access and exchange of components, such as memory, HDD, modem, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth® modules can save maintenance cost and minimise system downtime.
Data Backup Backup your data to protect it against accidental loss and store your backup copies on external hard disk drive, CDs, DVDs, or some other storage format.
Durable Design Robust system design for improved product quality, reliability and durability.
HDD Protection Shock absorption in combination with Toshiba's own 3-axis motion monitoring for reduced risk of HDD damage and data loss in case of fall, shock or vibration.
Spill-resistant Keyboard Extra insulation and water resistance incorporated into the system in order to delay damage from accidental spills.
Shock Protection Design Specially designed shock absorption that encloses key components, such as HDD, LCD and inverter to help reduce risk of damage in case of accidental shock, vibration or fall.
Magnesium Casework Special alloy casework that ensures robustness while providing the light weight required from a Notebook computer.
PC Diagnostic Tool Specially develop Toshiba software that provides one-touch system support and services.
Kensington Lock Industry standard external locking device that helps to prevent spontaneous theft of Notebook.
Connect ConfigFree® Software developed by Toshiba that allows users to quickly and easily set up a network connection, troubleshoot any connectivity problems, and capture a complete set of location settings for easy, one-button future use.
Diversity Antenna Toshiba innovation (2 Wi-Fi antennae and 1 Bluetooth® antenna in LCD display) that provides better Wi-Fi signal reception for optimal wireless connectivity.
Secure Execute Disable Bit (XD-Bit) Industry standard that prevents buffer overflow virus attacks.
Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Industry standard hardware / software security solution that protects sensitive data, encryption and digital signatures to ensure content integrity and privacy.
Device Lock Toshiba software utility that allows flexible locking of specific devices in order to prevent unauthorised access to computer or copying of confidential files.
Password Utilities Toshiba software utilities that allows system administrators and users to set up of boot and HDD access passwords.
Optimise Toshiba Presentation Button One-touch button operation simplifies presentation setup and operation, making it the fastest way to connect to a projector or monitor.
Toshiba Zooming Utility One-touch magnification of documents, Web pages and spreadsheets.
Screen Rotation Utility Allows you to rotate a Notebook's screen image 180 degrees.
One-Touch Resolution Change Quickly and easily enlarge any picture, image or font while maintaining the original format is now possible with the One-Touch Resolution Change functionality.
Toshiba Power Saver Selecting power management profiles, users can determine the approximate level of performance for critical system components (screen brightness, CPU, cooling, when an inactive screen or HDD turns off, etc.).
Toshiba ODD Power On/Off Utility Allows you to turn off the power of the integrated optical disk drive (ODD) to conserve battery life.
Wireless On/Off Switch Allows users to turn off network connections when having a wireless connection isn't necessary.
Toshiba Fn-esse® Toshiba Fn-esse® lets you assign tasks to specific key-stroke combinations for maximum personal efficiency.
Toshiba Mouse Utility Enhance your productivity by setting the mouse performance the way you want it.
Toshiba FN Shortcut Keys The Toshiba FN shortcut keys use pre-assigned keystrokes to simplify system management and settings options.

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