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Maintenance Program

The fundamental purpose of the IT Maintenance Program is to obviate any need for you to invest in IT management and expertise, in–house.

Our maintenance programs provide the highest service levels with the best value. They are aimed at businesses that place importance on their IT systems uptime and productivity.

Future Computers takes responsibility for the performance, functionality and maintenance of your computer installation and network. Effectively maximising ‘up-time’ and reducing 'down-time'.
Our proactive approach to maintenance will ensure the best performance possible from the existing configuration. The agreement will also provide for professional IT management and expertise on call to you.

Essentially, the IT Maintenance program entails a prearranged schedule of regular site visitation and inspection to maintain the elements of your organisation's computer network and system bundled along with Future's remote network monitoring solution.

Preventative Services Include:

  • Server backup inspection – Perform test data restore from previous backup and check all event logs to ensure backups are running successfully.
  • Network security monitoring – diagnosis and resolution of attempted security breaches.
  • Anti-virus software protection – Check to ensure all updates and patches are installed as they become available.
  • File server event log reviews, to identify any abnormal server activity.
  • Strategic advice – expert recommendations for upgrades and equipment configuration.
  • Installation & configuration of hardware and software, as required.
  • Resolution of day–to–day issues as outlined by the client with remaining service time.
  • Perform software & hardware inventory audit with remaining service time.

All support plan clients are assigned primary and secondary Network Engineers who are dedicated to maintaining your systems at times and intervals best suited to your needs.

Regular Visits

Maintaining regular visits is vital to the up keep and integrity of your network investment. At a pre–arranged time quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily a Future Computers engineer will be assigned to you to carry out preventative maintenance as well as any other priority matters you may have. A detailed report for each visit is given, outlining the work carried out, any outstanding issues and any recommendations.

Remote Management

Future is able to remotely administer and manage anything from a single server, firewall, workstation and special purpose system – right up to a complete enterprise installation. This is especially helpful if you need assistance ‘NOW’ and not in 2–4 hours or the next day.

Remote Monitoring

Future uses a dedicated group of specialist servers to constantly sweep our entire maintenance client base, monitoring for any faults or system alerts - from a communications drop–out to an intermittent Hard Disk fault.

Immediate response is given and escalated depending on the severity of problem and importance to your business.

Technology systems will demand a certain amount of ‘break–fix’ work, but the more maintenance performed, the less break-fix work is required. By preventing crisis situations, businesses avoid the real cost of technology problems – downtime and lost productivity.

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