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A partnership between Future computers and Alleasing Finance allows us to provide a whole IT procurement solution in the one offering.

Alleasing is a public company specialising in small to medium business and enterprise/government that was established in 2004, whose expertise is providing operating lease/rental finance solutions to diverse market segments.. The variety of equipment available for financing is wide and includes computers, printers/photocopiers, servers, notebooks & many other items in the IT industry.

Greater Flexibility

Provides the choice of term – Flexible terms up to 4 years. The longer the term, the lower the monthly repayment.

Package an entire solution – Bundling of other ancillary items can be included in lease agreements, affording greater convenience and access to equipment.

End of term options – options include: continue leasing; renew the lease for a further period; buy the equipment at fair market value or return the equipment with no additional costs.

Minimises obsolescence – leased equipment can be upgraded at any time during the period.

Improved Budgeting

Stretches budgets further – Customers can get what they want now and not be restricted to what they can afford to pay up front.

100% financing – There are no up front costs, deposits, application fees or ongoing monthly account keeping fees, with 100% of the equipment's cost being financed.

100% tax deductable – Repayments are normally 100% tax deductible provided the equipment is used solely for business purposes.

Accurate budgeting – Payments are fixed over the selected term affording more accurate budgeting (with no nasty suprises).

Improves cash flow – Allows working capital to be released (rather than being tied up in high-value assets which depreciate in value)

Preserves lines of credit – Leasing maintains lines of credit with other institutions, allowing businesses to manage unexpected or other financing requirements.

Strenghtens your financial position – as leased items are not generally included as an asset on the balance sheet, key financial ratios are improved.

Consumer Rentals & Flexirent


If you love having the latest technology, then Flexirent is the way to go. Flexirent is like a more flexible form of operating lease for consumers. You'll enjoy the added flexibility of being able to trade-up before the end of the rental term*. And at the end, you have even more choices. With Flexirent, you're not restricted by the limits of your cash or credit card. What's more, there is no deposit. By selecting the rental term that matches the use–by date of the equipment, you can more easily stay within your budget and spread the cost of the equipment over its productive life - one, two, three or four years.

End of term options … It's your choice -Flexirent's end of term options give you the flexibility to manage your changing IT needs. Within the final six months of your agreement, Flexirent will endeavour to contact you and remind you that it is time to consider your choices: Flexi Upgrade - Upgrade to the latest equipment with a new Flexirent Agreement, and make us an offer to purchase the old equipment. If you are upgrading to new equipment under a new Flexirent Agreement, Flexirent will typically accept a discount to the price we would normally accept. You can offer any price you choose, however we have the right to accept or reject your offer. As a reward for continuing your relationship with us, we would be prepared to accept a discounted offer. Even better, the purchase price can be included in your new Flexirent Agreement.

Flexi Replace – Replace your old equipment with the latest technology on a new Flexirent agreement, and simply return your old equipment to us.

Flexi Extend – Extend your agreement if you are happy with the equipment. You can even contact us and negotiate to extend the rental term with lower monthly payments.

Flexi Offer – Offer to purchase the equipment if you'd like to own it. You can offer any price you choose, however we have the right to accept or reject your offer.

Flexi Return – Return the equipment to us if it's no longer needed at the end of the term.

For more information on how we can finance you IT purchases call one of our trained sales staff on (07) 4032 4800.

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